Mica Powder – 30 Colours

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Mica Powder – 30 Colours

Mica Powder – 30 Colours

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Bring your art to life with premium-grade, fine pigments that are vivid, bold, and beginner-friendly. Think outside of the box and create a masterpiece with our non-toxic pigment powder for epoxy resin. It's safe and easy to use in just three steps: sprinkle, stir, and set! Craft unique handmade products with a depth effect, pearlescent finish, and long-lasting luminosity.
Add a burst of color to any project with Craft Resin Mica Powder for epoxy resin. This pack includes 30 highly pigmented resin color pigments, including four (4) neon colors that glow in the dark! Feel free to mix and match any shade you can imagine or stick to one solid hue - whatever you choose, you are guaranteed a vibrant finish. Add color to your world and create original works of art with our epoxy color pigments.
A little sprinkle of our cosmetic-grade mica powder goes a long way and adds a dreamy finish. Our color pigment powder has a wide range of applications, from cosmetics to body products. It can be used as mica powder for soap making and bath bombs, or as mica powder for body butter. Use our powder dye as mica powder for aroma beads, nail pigment powder, candle dye, or mica powder for lip gloss - let your imagination run wild with these ultra-fine colors!
Unlike liquid dyes with chemicals, our epoxy resin color pigment is completely free from any harsh additives. Our natural resin powder pigment is gentle on all skin types so that you can craft projects worry-free! This resin dye is carefully made and never tested on animals so that you can enjoy your crafts with no guilt. Build a unique craft experience with our Mica Powder's bedazzling pop of color.
At Craft Resin, we pour our full commitment into customer service and satisfaction. We provide premium resin art materials that guarantee crystal clear, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting results. If you are not satisfied with our Mica Powder, feel free to contact us for a product replacement or money back, no questions asked. Craft with confidence, knowing that the materials are 100% no-risk purchases.

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Mix and match shades to your heart's content with our wide selection of vibrant powders. A little goes a long way - whether you go for one solid hue or an explosion of colors, you'll surely love an authentic creation with a lustrous and lasting finish.

Craft with confidence

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Resin Jewelry

Pour resin epoxy carefully to a small container. Sprinkle with mica resin and mix together. Pour the mixture into your jewelry mold. Add your decorative item and leave to harden. Once completely dry, add jewelry fixtures.

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Sprinkle mica powder in a container and spray with isopropyl alcohol. Mix thoroughly. Put mixture in an eyeshadow tin. Leave the tin uncapped to cool down overnight.

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Bar Soap

Melt soap base. Sprinkle with mica powder and stir thoroughly. Pour mixture into mold. Spray with isopropyl alcohol and allow to set overnight.

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How much mica powder should I use for my project?

As a general rule, you shouldn't exceed more than 6% of the overall resin mix with the amount of color.

How to combine multiple colors?

First, mix the mica powder with your base. Next, combine the pre-mixed base together and stir thoroughly to blend.

What is polysorbate 80?

It's and FDA-approved emulsifier. All mica powders pigment should be used with polysorbate 80 when making bar soap, candles, and bath bombs to ensure better results.